About Us

Learn more about Clark Street Consulting and our passion for helping you spend more time on what matters most.

Our Mission

Clark Street Consulting is passionate about helping people's lives get easier. We understand that we could all use more time in our days, and it's our mission to create that for our clients.

Our Story

At 19 years old, Hannah sat in the garage on a summer afternoon brainstorming how she was going to pay for her following year’s college tuition. Failure wasn’t an option. That day, Go Girl Concierge was born.

Hannah spent days researching companies, building call lists and finalizing her services list. Over the following three months, she worked 12+ hour days running errands, organizing homes, and helping people manage their daily lives. It was that summer that she realized how much she enjoyed helping people. After her sophomore year started, Hannah hired two employees back home while she was building a client base in her college town. Time passed and college got more demanding, so Go Girl had to go on pause.

After college, Hannah started her career in Dallas, TX in commercial real estate. She was a Transaction Coordinator, Account Lead for a national retailer and helped plan and negotiate parts of a national rollout for a retailer expanding their brick-and-mortar presence. Hannah had the incredible opportunity of working with real estate executives at Amazon, Capital One, Purple Mattress, Interior Define, Kalos Invisalign, Rowan, and more. It was during these experiences that she realized everyone has one thing in common: they all need more time. Go Girl Concierge was re-invented, and Clark Street Consulting was born.

Meet Hannah Holloway, founder & CEO of Clark Street Concierge

Hannah grew up in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Throughout her childhood, Hannah initiated multiple businesses with hopes they would make her some extra spending money. Whether it was walking neighbor’s dogs around the neighborhood, designing colorful flip-flops, or watering plants for vacationing families, there was always a flyer with Hannah’s contact information on it in the mail room. Her passion for helping people and organizing business plans persisted with her as she got older.

Following her freshman year of college, Hannah started Go Girl Concierge. After a summer working long hours with families and companies in her hometown, Hannah headed off to Fayetteville, Arkansas with two employees to continue working for her clients. She then started her sophomore year at the University of Arkansas and a Fayetteville location of Go Girl Concierge.

After graduating, Hannah moved to Dallas, Texas where she started a career in commercial real estate with the goal of being her own boss and going after new business once again. After a few years in the real estate world, she realized she missed helping companies and families. A new Go Girl Concierge was born in Clark Street. Hannah is passionate about ensuring that people’s lives get easier when she is brought on board. She believes everyone could use more time in their day and Clark Street Consulting can create that for them.